DML Montessori School DML Montessori School
DML Montessori School
  • DML Montessori School
  • 46 7th Street, New Manila
  • 1112 Quezon City
  • Manila Philippines
  • (632)- 7224979


Admission Requirements

  • Photocopy of birth and baptismal certificates

  • Medical certificate from pediatrician/family doctor

  • Four (4) recent ID pictures (1” x 1” size) of the child, with name written at the back of each.

  • Two (2) recent ID pictures (1” x 1” size) of the fetcher/s, with name written at the back of each.

Upon admission, the child must be provided with:

  • A school bag containing the school apron, face towel, extra set of uniform, and underwear, which shall be brought to school daily.
  •  Standard school uniform, apron, P.E. attire, and school bag, which may be purchased in school.
    All personal belongings must be labeled with the child’s name.

Enrollment Procedure

  • Parents’ interview with and child’s assessment by the school directress.

  • Accomplishment of school application forms.

  • Submission of application forms and admission requirements.

  • Settlement of school fees at the Registrar’s Office.

  • Purchase of required uniforms at the designated area.

  • Attendance at the school’s Open House, parents orientation, and child orientation days in the month of June.

Rules and Regulations

  • Parents and nannies are permitted to stay with the children inside the classroom or in the classroom vicinity ONLY during the first week of classes.  During class hours for the rest of the year, parents, nannies, and other outsiders are not allowed in the school building and must stay in the designated waiting area by the canteen.

  • Children should be assisted from the family vehicle and accompanied into the school building by an adult.  When fetching your child, please alight from your vehicle, instead of blowing the horn, and escort your child out of the school premises.   Children should be brought to and fetched from school on time.

  • The school must be informed of the child’s absence from class and the probable date of return either by telephone or by letter.

  • Children’s progress reports are issued every semester for Nursery I, and every trimester for Nursery II, Kindergarten, and Prep.

  • Parents should inform the administration office if they wish to celebrate their child’s birthday in school.  Allotted time for the birthday party shall be the class’ snack period.  Elaborate celebrations are strongly discouraged.  Party favors may be distributed after dismissal.

  • The children are required to wear the standard school uniform during school days, except on Thursdays when they shall wear their P.E. uniform.

  • In case it becomes necessary to refund the school fees beyond 15 days from enrollment/registration, only eighty percent (80%) of the amount paid shall be returned.